Survive Math

Learn Math and do it Joyfully

Math is traditionally considered a tough subject. It requires a level of abstraction that can be challenging for many. But yet, there is always a twist, a way to approach to it that makes it accessible.

That is the purpose of math education, and that is why math educators train hard to develop tools to make math learning much easier. There is a problem with that though: math educators don't teach math classes, it is mostly research mathematicians who do that, and sometimes they are more caught into the publish or perish dilemma than trying to catch with the new math education gadgets.

That is why you need to take your math seriously, because you may need to pass your math class in spite of your instructor.

I Am Falling Behind In My Stats Class, What Should I Do?

I have seen the desperation when students fall behind in a class, especially when it is a stats class. Everything seems dark and dire, and students tend to feel that it is the end of the world. My answer to them is simple: All you have to do is to get a good statistics homework helper, such as, or any other competent online stats service. That is not that hard, all you have to do is to evaluate your options and look around.

You have many options available for you. You can check a tutor near your area. You will find many of them. Make sure that they are local to you, because otherwise prices will tend to be higher if your tutor has to commute longer distances.

The advantage of this method is that the tutor will sit with you and guide you through all of your problems. The disadvantages: one-to-one tutors tend to be more expensive and there are things to consider, as commute time, tutors arriving late because of bad traffic, or needing to arrange for a specific place to meet. That last point is something to consider. You may be thinking about your local library, but typically that is not feasible because a tutoring session may be too noise for a library.

Sometimes finding a good place to meet with your stats tutor can be a challenge. Some people will go to Starbucks, but depending on where you live, you may not have any couches available. So ultimately you may need to rent a conference room, which will definitely add up to the costs.

Is There A Way To Get Statistics Help Online?

Absolutely! And it can come with many advantages. To start, prices of an online tutor are usually cheaper, and there is no commuting involved (neither for you nor for the tutor), and there is no need to rent a conference room. So then, from the cost side of things, an online stats tutor is your best bet.

Now, there could be some disadvantages. For example, your tutor may be in England, and you may have a large ping time, which could lead to delays in the video and audio, making the session much less appealing than otherwise. Or, your internet may go down for whatever reason. Or, you have paid beforehand for tutoring, and the tutor was not that great.

All those things could be factors against online tutoring, but they are all solvable: you can choose tutors with good connection and the can prove to have a seamless online experience with you, with a video connection that does not cut off. Or you can arrange for a test session before paying. There are ways to go around the inconveniences, and the advantages are too many to ignore.

You can get you tutor to help you check your statistics homework, or help you prepare for you stats test, and assuming you have found a reliable stats service, you will be able to enjoy of great flexibility and lower prices than otherwise.